Salman Khan might come to Pakistan

The much awaited film of Salman Khan, Ek Tha Tiger has recently been slapt by ban in Pakistan.

Assuming it to be an anti Pakistan movie, the Government has restricted all the TV Channels & Cable Operators from screening Ek Tha Tiger promos.

However this has not come as a surprise for the director Kabir Khan, cosnidering the way these anti Pakistan movies in the past, Kabir has reportedly stated that “We can’t really blame them if they perceive Ek Tha Tiger as one such films.”

But the director is to determine to even visit country if need be.

He reportedly stated that “Neither Salman nor I have visited Pakistan. So why not? We are willing to do anything that’s required to make Pakistanis believe that our project is not against them.”

Well if this news is to be believed then Salman will soon come to Pakistan. We only hope that he manage to persuade Pakistan board as nothing would make Salman Khan happier.

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