This Guy Played Mouth Trumpet in Pepsi Battle of the Bands Ep 03 and We Can’t Get Over It

The Pepsi Battle of the Bands knockout rounds are underway. We have heard some exciting music in the last few weeks with some breath taking performances including Punk Rock, Melodic beats and even Blues. Now we are down to the last 06 after eliminations that took place in the latest episode and as you know there’ll only be one winner.



While this episode had its highs and lows with bands like Tamasha and Xarb receiving standing ovation and a clear nod from judges, and bands like Sarmasta and Khamaj reaching bottom three and finally bidding farewell to this platform, one band that really took our attention is Déjà vu.


In the 3rd episode of the Season, Déjà vu came onto the stage for their own take on the Purani Jeans originally sung by the ever inspiring Ali Haider. The band sang the calming popish song with great effect, and with their own tidbits along the way. The judges were found nodding and tapping along to it. Vocalist did great to nail the notes and the band followed through really well, giving an entertaining performance overall.



But what caught our attention was something really peculiar that happened on stage. Amir Sindhu, one of the band members, was literally playing a trumpet using his voice. It was something never seen before in a live show and when Bilal commented on it, even I thought it was just a figure of speech to critique the performance. Ayesha Umer herself was flabbergasted, and honestly we felt the same.


It was quite nice to see something new, fresh and innovative that the bands are producing by themselves. After all that’s what Pepsi Battle of the Bands is about. If you haven’t watched this song yet, here we have it for you.



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