Asim Azhar’s funny reaction on shoe throwing video

The proud singer of Pakistan Asim Azhar was doing a live concert in Gujranwala and while he was on stage someone from the crowd threw a shoe at him, and the video went viral over the internet! His fans were very angry.


Asim Azhar reacted on shoe throwing video


The singer himself recreated the moment and cleared the air about that video explaining that it was a cap not a shoe!


He said, “I stayed silent but now the audience is bashing the person, the fans are reacting so I am here to clarify that it was not a shoe but the exact same hat that I am wearing. Also, we pick up everything that fans throw at us on stage such as this ring, this watch, this diary etc. So please do not blame the audience but do hold accountable the reporters and news outlets that spread such rumors.”


He further added, “Even if that does happen then it’s alright really. We’re performers, the fans make us, and they can show disappointment in us as well. But it was not a shoe this time.”



It is really amazing to see how Asim recreated the video especially for his fans to show them love so the fans can calm down their anger.


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