K-Pop Star Aoora joins ‘Bado Badi’ trend by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan‘s viral song “Bado Badi” became a massive internet sensation before being taken down from YouTube due to music rights issues. Despite its removal, the song’s popularity had already skyrocketed, thanks to its catchy tune and viral appeal.


Aoora sings Bado Badi by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan


In an unexpected twist, Korean pop star Aoora joined the “Bado Badi” trend, impressing fans with his flawless lip-sync performance. Known for his television appearances, Aoora’s participation amplified the song’s reach, exciting fans who were thrilled to see a K-pop star embrace a Pakistani viral hit.


Netizens expressed amazement at the cultural crossover, noting that it was a rare moment for a K-pop artist to feature a Pakistani song.



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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, whose real name is Kashif Rana, is a social media sensation known for his quirky viral songs. “Bado Badi” stood out among his works, garnering millions of views across YouTube and other platforms.


The song, released with a music video featuring a friend of Chahat as a model, quickly went viral, amassing 19 million views within a month. It even made it to YouTube‘s trending section, inspiring numerous renditions and skits by content creators and celebrities alike.


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