Salman Khan reveals secrets about Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 is starting soon. False news have been made about the season. But finally the host of the show, Salman Khan came forward and made some important revelations.



The Bollywood superstar came on a boat, wearing a very basic tank top and black pants. Upon being questioned about his emotional moments on the previous seasons, the actor said that the most emotional moment is when the winner is announced, and others include when someone is being eliminated or when the contestant’s journeys are played on screen.


He also said that the only reason for him to be angry at some participants is because he wants them to know that from outside, they don’t seem to be doing the right things.


Salman revealed that this time the contestants will go inside the house in twos, and not as a single person. There will be 14 couples going in the house.


In Bigg Boss season 11, speculation was made about Salman’s mum being a fan of the winner Shilpa Shinde. When Salman was, now, asked if his mum followed the show or not, he said that she and her friends do watch the show. He added that they also give him a perception which helps him to understand the audience’s outlook better.


These revelations are making it hard for us to wait till 16th September 2018 for the new season to be started. But we are so ready!!


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