The Sufi Records released Orchestral Qawwali Rubaru – Rushil x Abi Sampa

The Sufi Records is here to cure and revive the sufi musicals and poetry, with production of original kalam and soulful compositions. Sufism seems to have been lost in an era of loud music and meaningless lyrics. To surprise quite a few, Sufi music is not limited to history, in fact it is a yearning for one’s divine purpose and love for life. Fortunately, we have inherited this love for magic from our ancestors.


The Sufi Records Released Orchestral Qawwali Rubaru – Rushil X Abi Sampa


The basic purpose of The Sufi Records is to unveil the charisma of the divine reality, in order to enlighten and deepen one’s bond with the Creator. Other than that, we aim to promote and strengthen love and longing for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family (Ahl e Bayt).


In an attempt to serve our purpose, The Sufi Records presents Rubaru, which happens to be an experiential poetry written as an orchestral qawwali, representing the original journey of a soul.

The kalam has been penned down by Waqar Faiz, who is a follower of the final messenger of Islam,  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Maula Ali (AS). According to Waqar, it is the divine love for the two, that encouraged him to write this beautiful kalam, to revive the listeners’ hearts in the remembrance of them.



According to the lyricist, the sole meaning of this remembrance is to bring peace in our hearts and lives. Moreover, it helps one reconnect with the Creator through enlightenment and reflection, which often loses the meaning in this daily overwhelming life aspects.


Waqar Faiz is currently a resident in the United States of America, constantly sourcing spirituality for many coming from all walks of life, ethnicities and faiths. The Sufi Records presents a personal perspective on sufism, highlighting his connection with the Divine through his scriptures.


Murshid Waqar Faiz


The Sufi Records feels fortunate to be able to present the amazing perspectives of life, spirituality and belongingness in the words of Waqar. We aim to promote more of his kalaams to enrich millions of lives with affection, peace and faith.


The music is composed by Rushil who has incorporated the tunes that make us feel at peace through put the kalam, whereas Abi Sampa is the vocalist from London. Her first appearance was made at The Voice UK in 2013 and holds the position of the first Asian traditional singer on the show. Her forte is qawwali, Carnatic, and Western music, despite being a qualified dentist and still practices dentistry in London. She is often spotted on the Veena and other Asian instruments along with other artists.


Talking about this kalam, Rubaru is over 12 minutes long and highlights the most important aspects of divine love and faith. The video shows the unique usage of orchestra in qawwali. The mesmerizing lyrics of the kalam portrays the divine faith and longing for the Truth. It shows how a soul that belongs to the Creator feels a void when it is disconnected by the every day chores and noise of this temporary life and world. It definitely encourages calling to your Lord who has created you and how much we need him to find contentment and real happiness.


Abi Sampa


Rubaru expresses one’s desire to re-establish the connection with the Almighty directly in turn to find the peace of the soul. It praises the God’s oneness. He refers to God’s connection with each one of his men and servants despite the population of this planet and difference in faiths. It displays how the follower can find the meaning and purpose of life in regards to spirituality in solitude and crowd. It demonstrates the neediness of men, when tired with the chaos of this world. This beautiful kalam makes all its listeners fall in love with it and ponder upon the basic reality and resolution of this life.


Rubaru is one amazing source of determination to explore and set the right purpose of this life and our origin. It derives the reality that the soul is only confined by body and finally meets the Creator, when liberated. The truth of life is beyond one’s self, ego and boundaries of the rights and wrongs of this world. Each one of us is just a drop in the ocean of this world, yearning for the divine love and craving to meet the Almighty, eventually. The poetry appreciates one’s desire and guarantees the reunion of a sous with its Creator.


Rushil Ranjan


Through Rubaru, the listener feels heartened and owned by the true owner of this life and hereafter. In the search of Divine, we can find closeness and reconnection with the Creator as if He is right here with us, all the time – Rubaru to us.


Others involved in the making of this master piece are Amrit Dhuffer as a Tabla artist, Lydia Alonso as the Solo cello, Danyal Dhondy who gave the background score, and Andrea Gobbi at Gloworm Studios for mixing and mastering. The original video by Limelight Films consists of Abi Sampa, Rushil Ranjan and the Northern Film Orchestra.


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