Xposed by Waqar Zaka is Back

The revolutionary show that got banned one year back is starting again with more poweful approach,

XPOSED which will be LIVE
unlike other live shows where only the problems are discussed
and nothing is done to solve your problems practically
Waqar has started this show where your problems of any sort
will be solved on individual basis and everything will be LIVE.

If police is teasing you on dates,
If your Boyfriend or Girlfriend cheated on you,
If someone has uploaded your video clips and is blackmailing you,
If someone is misusing your pics,
If you deserve to get admission on merit and someone less deserving got it, or anyone is teasing you,
You should contact Waqar at 021-2561258

Your problem will not be discussed instead it will be solved practically
Every Tuesday 10pm LIVE on ARY MUSIK.

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