Aisha Khan getting Married this month after leaving Media

For the past month, fans of Pakistan Media Industry have been talking of two things: the first was Feroze Khan‘s wedding that had the Valima ceremony last night; secondly Aisha Khan leaving the Showbiz.


Aisha Khan had bid farewell to showbiz and openly announced it over her social media account. This was a shock to people. But the actress was wise enough to take this step to avoid any rumors. Since then people had been making guesses as to why she left the industry.



Last night, Aisha Khan again took it to social media to reveal the news of getting married to Major Uqbah Hadeed in a private family ceremony. She said that they had been engaged for a year now and knew each other for several years. Even though the beautiful actress made it clear that she wants to keep things private, her wedding invite was leaked. The wedding will be held in Rawalpindi on 15th April 2018.


Major Uqbah is no ordinary man. He is a Pakistani Army officer and graduated from British Royal Military Academy with Prince William. He holds the honor of being the first Pakistani officer appointed by the British Military to train British forces; and perform duties as Platoon Commander at RMAS and won a Sword of Honour in 2007. Major is the first Muslim since 1741 to have commanded a regular commissionery course. He also took part in the operation going on in Waziristan.


The two are stars in their respective fields and we wish that they shine together always.


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