Bold Body Spray pays tribute to martyrs on Defence Day

Every Pakistani goes through an array of emotions and feels the patriotic spirit in the air on every important day in the history of Pakistan, and so is the case with Resolution Day, Independence Day or Defence Day. The colors green and white together ignite the passion within us and keep us intrigued to do better for our homeland, safeguard it and keep it away from all evil all whilst doing everything that will uplift it.


So this Defence Day, along with various other notable campaigns and features by multiple brands, one that stood out to us was by Bold, who are amongst one of the top selling brands for men’s body sprays. They released a new variant of their body spray for Independence Day and Defence Day, the Azadi Edition which is also called the ‘Smell of Freedom’. Bold has ventured out and went out of their way to introduce this limited edition fragrance to further amplify our spirit for the love of Pakistan and its people. It resonates with the feelings of each one of us which portray our constant struggle and urge to take our motherland to new heights.



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